New Type Dental 1 Second Light Curing with 7 Accessory Lenses

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Size: US Standard


This product is a new type curing light that uses high power and high purity broad spectrum blue-voilet LED with a 385nm-515nm Wave length as light source and an enhanced condenser lens.

Each light come with seven accessory lenses, further enhancing the versatility and expand the usefulness of the curing light.

This curing light has 2 working modes for users to use in different working environments: Mode 01 : Normal mode ( green indicator light )The curing light works with standard power , and the time canbe set to 10 seconds . 20 seconds and 30 seconds. Mode 02 : Constant power mode ( blue indicator light )he curing light works with super power , and the time can beset to 1 second . 3 seconds and 5 seconds.

It is suitable for most composite resins on the market.

The working head can be rotated 360 degrees for easy operation.

In the standby state, if no any button is pressed within 30s, the curing light will automatically shut down.

The slim LED head allows you to efficiently cure even hard-to-reach posterior restorations,delivers optimal access to all regions of the mouth without compromising comfort for either patient or clinician.

LENS Instructions:

IMPORTANT PROMPT : To reach the best effect , please use superpower mode . And last for more than 10 seconds .( super power mode : Indicator light show blue )

Pointcure Lens : For cure veneers , precise curing

Translume Lens ( Orange ) : For diagnostic , Check the internal bubbles

Translume Lens ( Green) : For diagnostic , Check the cracks

Proxicure ball Lens: For cavity curing

Proxicure ball Lens: For cavity curing

Endoguide Lens 1: For apical curing

Endoguide Lens 2: For deep root canal curing

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