Dental Total Removal Kit Bone Expander Set Remove Broken Fixture Implant Ratchet Wrench

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Color: bone expander kit




Package: Case

Type: Combination

Material: tungsten carbide, ppsu

Product Introduction

Total Remove Kit, a multifunctional set, is used to remove damaged and broken implants and screws. It also can deal with all kinds of failed implant. Total Remove Kit is different from ring drills, ball drills and other surgery instruments. Total Remove Kit can preserve the initial environment of stable implant as much as possible when removing. It can avoid bone loss or damaging the original threads of the accessories, and reduce the damage caused to other accessories for the removal process.

Total Remove Kit Features

▶ It is convenient, fast and used to remove failure implants and broken screws.
▶ It is an all total remove helper and appliable to all implant systems.
▶ It had three steps operation. Immediate removal, simple and efficient solution to difficult problems. Save surgery time and relieve patients’ psychological stress.
▶ Removal failure implants. Avoid the use of ring drill and ball drill. Not damage around bone. Reduce post-surgery healing time and even allow for immediate weight bearing.
▶ Two ways to remove central screw/abutment screw. Multiple methods are tried to increase the success rate of the repair.
▶ When removing screw, choose correct positioner according to implant systems to drill for protecting implant internal threads.


Ratchet Wrench

▶ Coordinate fixture remove and screw remove guide to remove implant, central screw/abutment screw.
▶ Screw slowly and remove slowly to avoid additional damage to the patient.

Remove Bar

▶ It is the easiest and fastest tool for removing broken screws.
▶ Take out direction: reversal
▶ Recommended Speed: ≤40rpm

Remove Drill

▶ If bar can not remove broken screws, remove drill is used to drill on the broken screws. A new internal thread is formed to the next step of the reversing extractor.
▶ When drilling with guider, it can protect the internal threads of the implant from damage.
▶ ake out direction: reversal
▶ Recommended Speed: 800-1000rpm

Remove Tap

▶ Through the hole prepared by Remove Drill, the reversing extractor is screwed into the broken screw for removing broken screws.
▶ The front end has a special taper design to better fit the internal threads formed by the hole drill, effectively increasing the friction.
▶ Take out direction: reversal
▶ Recommended Speed: ≤40rpm

Positioning auxiliary guide

▶ Guide Remove Drill to position, while avoiding damaging internal threads of implant and abutment, in conjunction with a Ratchet Wrench.
▶ Two implant systems and four models need to be properly selected according to the connection structure of the implant.

Steps to remove broken screws

Tools required for removal broken screws

1、Clean perimeter of implant, remove the attached abutment and other prosthetics, keep a clear view of the incision in the surgical area.

2、Use the Bar drill counter-drilling and a low speed hook to take out the broken screws. Bar drill is easier to remove broken screws with surface not flat.

3、If the screw can’t be removed by Bar drill, it can be removed by Remove Drill with a counter-remove device. Use the corresponding positioning guide to positioning according to the different implant systems. Assist the Remove Drill to reverse the hole on the screw, and use the counter-remove device to reverse the screw after the drilling completed.

Notes on the use of kit

※ If you are not sure which type of Fixture Remove is the most stable for the implant, you can try to connect the Fixture Remove to the implant one by one to find the most suitable Fixture Remove.
※ If the implant osseointegration is found to be good before the installation of the Fixture Remove, you can use ball drill and other leveling drill to separate the implant from the cortical bone.
※ When using the wrench, do not rotate vigorously or forcefully, but rotate slowly to prevent damage to the surrounding bone or damage to the implant, resulting in a failed removal.
※ Before the screw removal, the broken screw should be observed by X-ray for observing the location of the broken and any damage to the implant.
※Before using the screw removal tools, you can use a surgical instrument such as a probe to try to poke the broken screw to see how loose it is.
※ The use of a Remove Drill must be complemented by a positioning guide. Otherwise, the internal threads of the implant may be damaged and the implant may break.

Kit management methods

※ All tools should be immersed in a sanitizing solution for a few minutes immediately after use to avoid debris sticking to the tool.
Note: It cannot be immersed overnight and cannot be immersed in hydrogen peroxide because hydrogen peroxide will discolor the tool mark.
※ Please brush the tool carefully with a soft brush until all debris is cleaned.
※ If you use an ultrasonic cleaner, please wrap the drill with clean gauze before cleaning to avoid the tool bits rubbing against each other.
※Please use disinfectant solution to clean all bases and lids.
※ Please wash all tools, trays and lids thoroughly and carefully in warm water.
※ Please check carefully to make sure the tool is free from any damage and corrosion after drying.
※ Please put all the tools back on the tray in the kit according to the correct location markings.
※ Please seal the kit with a sterilized bag.
※ Please sterilize the kit in a steam pressure cooker at 135°C/250HF for 15 minutes.
※ Please keep the kit in a dry, clean area at room temperature.

Please separate and clean all used instruments in time after surgery. Surgical instruments are recommended to be disinfected again before surgery.
(Temperature: 135°C Time: less than 15 minutes)

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