4X/5X/6X Binocular Magnifier with Headlight Helmet Dental Loupes

DenshinedentistSKU: 47390326-4x

Color: LED Binocular Loupe
Magnification: 4X



Magnification: 4X 5X 6X
Working distance: 420 mm
Field of view: 70 mm(4X) 60 mm(5X 6X)
Depth of field: 70 mm(4X) 60 mm(5X) 50 mm(6X)
Power: 3W
Illumination: 40,000 lx
Color temperature: 6500 K
Working Hours: 4-5 h
Lightness Adjustable: Yes

Here are some experience for reference:

Clinical application and magnification:
1. General dentistry, dental health, planting: 2.5X.
2. Dental crown, bridge work: 3.5X - 4.0X.
3. Laboratory Work, Technician: 4.0X - 5.0X.

Package Included:

1x helment with binocular loupes
1x lithium battery
1x LED head light
1x cleaning colth
1x user manual
1x paper box

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