4PC/Pack Teeth Whitening Pen 35%CP For sensitive teeth

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This pack has 4 teeth whitening pens inside, each is 3ml.Enough supply for 1 month, 80+ uses, most people can see noticeable whitening results after the first whitening process. Shining smile makes you more attractive.
Teeth whitening gel pen can effectively and quickly remove years of teeth stains from wine, coffee, tea, soda, smoking and more.
Teeth whitening gel pen contains 35% Carbamide Peroxide,which is safe for your teeth and can minimize tooth sensitivity,make your process of teeth whitening more enjoyable. Each whitening pen has a secure cap to prevent leakage, maintain gel quality and preserve freshness to bring you healthy teeth.
Compact Pen Shape makes it easy to carry with you,you can safely used at home, in office, and easy to carry while traveling.
Though the best result can be achieved after cleaning & drying teeth, simply brushing the gel onto your teeth and leaving it on for 30 minutes also provide a decent whitening effect.
How to use:
1.Brush your teeth.
2.Brush gel onto clean, dry teeth, avoid the gums.
3. Rinse it off 30 minutes after using it if you don’t like the taste.

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