2pcs Teeth Whitening Foam Deep Cleansing For Adult

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This teeth whitening toothpaste foam is made with superior quality natural ingredients which can whiten your teeth naturally and softly, suitable for both normal and sensitive teeth.
The foam is dense can effectively clean and dissolve stains on teeth, bring you a visible whitening effect, and provide your gums and teeth with fresh breath protection
The foaming toothpaste can work perfectly on the surface of the teeth, help to break down the pigmentation on the surface of the teeth, block pigmentation.
The strong cleaning power can penetrate the enamel crevices and remove food particles and deep stains embedded there.
The bottle mouth press-type design makes it more convenient for use and won't waste,suitable for use with U-shaped toothbrushes, easy to carry.
Ingredients: Fluoride-Free Mousse Foam
Net Weight: 50ml
Suit For: Adult Use
How to use:
1. Squeeze an appropriate amount of foam into your mouth, spit out the foam within 10-15 seconds and you will feel your mouth instantly refreshed.
2. Squeeze the appropriate amount of foam onto your toothbrush. Gently brush your teeth and coat your tongue for 2-3 minutes to clean and refresh.

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