2.5X/3.5X Glasses Dental Magnifier Surgical Dental Loupes with Headlight

DenshinedentistSKU: 27798043-2-5x

Magnification: 2.5X



Magnification: 2.5x/3.5x
Working Distance: 420 mm (330-500 mm can be customized if you need)
Depth of view: 30-40 mm
Field of view: 55-80 mm
Pupil Distance: 46-66 mm
Voltage: AC90-240V 50HZ-60HZ
Input power: <10W
Power of the light: LED 3W
Color temperature: 5500k+/-500k
DC charging time: 5 h
DC Power supply time: 4h
Battery capacity: 4000mA
Working time: 5 hours
Intensity: >30000 Lux
Bulb lifetime: 50000 hours

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