Effortlessly Apply Dental Ligatures with our Placement Shooter Gun & 1040 Kit - Perfect for Orthodontic Treatment of Braces & Teeth

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  • This kit include 1Pcs dental ligature gun and 1 Pack Multi-color Dental Orthodontic Ligature Ties.
  • The ligature tie gun features a slip proof handle allows for comfort and safety to apply the cable tie faster.
  • The dental orthodontic Ligature Ties is high elasticity and excellent rebound,gentle and continuous force and good memory.
  • Place the head of gun into the ligation ring and expand the ligation ring, allows for safe and convenient means to apply ligatures to an orthodontic bracket.
  • The ligature tie gun can be cleaned and disinfected by cold sterilization and soaking.


Use: For Orthodontics treatment

Ligature tie Color: Multi-color

Ligature tie gun Color:grey

Package Includes:

1*The ligature tie gun

1bag/1040 Dental Orthodontic Ligature Ties

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