Retainer Cleaner Tablets Removes Stain Dental Appliances

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Formulated with natural mint essence,It is mild and not irritating to the mouth.
Our cleaning tablets help eliminate odors and refresh breath,avoid bad odor in your retainers and mouth.
Provide comprehensive cleaning and deep desccaling for your retainers, dentures or other dental appliances with no harm.
It can keep your clear retainers, aligners, wire retainers, sports mouthguards, and nightguards clean and odor-free.
Use daily to keep your retainer clear and odor less, which will extend the lifespan of the appliance.
Suitable for all children and adult retainers, braces, mouth guards and other dental appliances.
Great convenience to use while you are outside or on travel. Use one tablet each time.
Net content: 100pcs(50pcs/bottle)
Application: cleansing tablet can be used to clean retainer, dentures and other dental .
How to Use:
1. Dissolve one tablet in warm water.
2. Soak the denture in the solution for 5-30 minutes or overnight. For best results, use once a day.
3. Rinse the denture under running water. Dry your dentures thoroughly before wearing them.

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