Dental Lab Cleaning Air Water Prophy Polishing Sandblasting Machine

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Type: 4 Holes



A compact, lightweight body with total gas switch, easy to operate.
The air filtering device (sandblasting tank) can completely prevent moisture, oil and gas blocks forming powder into the handle or pipe blast.
The use of water, gas, powder removing smoke stains, tartar, color stains, plaque, and without prejudice to the gums.
The work can not be in direct contact with the handle portion of the teeth and gums.
Air tube separate from water tube,never mixture.
Tip can be disassemble and clean.
Anti-retraction system.


Connect type: 4-hole handpiece tube or 2-hole handpiece tube
Air pressure:
1.Within the range of usable 3-6KG, adjusted by the pressure switch on the treatment machine.
2.Foot switch control from the start teeth cleaning and sandblasting machine stops working.
Water pressure: pressure can be used in more than 0.5KG

Instructions For Use:

1.The blast pot and cover:
A)will turn on the lid, pour in the tank blasting powder to below the green line (no more than 1/3 of the height of the can) and then tighten lids
B) Do not over-blasting powder 1/2 tank height, so as to avoid congestion
C) the inside of the lid with the filter, take care that it can not deform
2. Drainage gas button (Drain): Before each use, press the button three times to drain gas emission filter cup gouache, powder drier.
3. The amount of powder knob (Air value): clockwise adjustment
4. Water knob (Water value): according to the actual work needs to be adjusted
5. blasting switch:
A)the blasting switch according to the "ON" position, the foot switch blasting powder ejected from the nozzle handle; "OFF" to close blast switch
B) After each use, pull the blasting switch to "OFF" position, then step on the foot switch several times, the purpose is to purge the pipe more than powder, to avoid clogging when using the next
6. Main Connector:After high or low discharge screw connected to the host machine's four-hole joints treatment

Packing list:

1set Polishing Machine

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