Dental Aluminum Oxide Sandblaster Air Polisher with Spray / Sandblasting Machine

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Features & Benefits:
1. High-quality stainless steel structure, solid and durable;
2. High-temperature and high-strength engineering materials sand tank, make sure the firm grip type structure;
3. European machinery processing technology, high surface finish easy to clean, more adapted to high temperature and pressure disinfection;
4. Perfect design, various parts of the mass accuracy scientific distribution;
5. Sand tank can be used as operation handel, comfortable and convenient. As a container, it's tight tank wall will prevent contaminants;
6. Gun-side high sensitivity touch switch, switch as you wish;
7. Nozzle can be rotated 360° design, precise injection can be anywhere;
8. Connection gas convenient;
9. Precision blasting direction and range;
10. European quality, with precise tolerances, seamless connection to prevent the occurrence of loose parts off.
- Crown bonding and easy and quick surface cleaning for re-adhesion
- Porcelain teeth bonding and comprehensive repair, porcelain veneer bonding preparation
- Bonding preparation of maryland fixed bridge
- Bonding preparetion of bracket
- Removal of residual adhesive on the underside of the brackets and restorations
- Porcelain tooth repair and replacement
- Fissure closure preparation
- Early caries preparation
- HG alloy bonding, enamel bonding
- Post core, inlay preparation, adjustment of occlusion
- Check the precise installation and occlusion of metal crowns
Technical parameters ,
with water cooling spray
Nozzle angle
60/90 degree
Aluminum oxide and silicon oxide
Powder size
20-80 micron

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